Kid'z Musik Testimonials

"All three of our sons have delighted in Kid'z Musik over the past 6 years. When our older two sons hear that their little brother attended Kid'z Musik that day, they are upset that they missed out! Mr. Joe and Carmen emanate such warmth and genuine affection that our sons feel as if they are among family. The class is interactive and encourages the child to participate directly in the process of making live music. In an often hectic world, the class is a true respite that provides happiness and pure joy."
- Teddi Hunter, Englewood, NJ

"Kid'z Musik is a joyous celebration of music, fun, and learning for our 3 year old son. The program has not only helped teach him colors, sounds and numbers, but also about different instruments from around the world. The originality and creativeness that goes into each week s classes has made him ask continuously to go back when other programs have gotten stale."
- Frank & Theresa, Suffern, NY

"My son, Jake, and I have absolutely adored Kid'z Musik for more than a year now. From the moment Jake was introduced to the engaging, warm and friendly classes, he immediately became engrossed in music. He loves to reenact the class, singing the rich variety of songs professionally crafted and performed by Mr. Joe and Carmen while utilizing a large assortment of props and costumes. The songs are so creative and catchy that it is easy to become part of the musical, magical fun. We both look forward to the music classes and seeing the joy in my son's face is such a gift. I am 100% pleased with Kidz Musik and choosing it has been one of the best and most formative experiences of Jake's young life."
- Jill Thistle, mother of Jake Thistle 3 years old, Paramus, NJ

"Kidsmusik is the perfect music class for so many reasons! The flexibility of taking the class wherever and whenever you want can not be matched by any other music class. Mr. Joe and Carmen are so dynamic and fun to be around! The music and props are so original and stimulating. I have brought so many friends who agree that it is the most entertaining music class for kids in our area. My son Gavriel and I look forward to class every week!"
- Shara Paley, Bergenfield, NJ

"Kidz Musik is a fun, happy place for kids to express themselves. Each week, Mr. Joe and Carmen are the pied pipers, leading kids through a new musical experience. The kids love singing and dancing along, as well as guessing what instruments and props are coming next. Mr. Joe and Carmen enthusiastically engage the kids, impressively learning each child's name and likes from the first class. It's good that the class is continuous, so kids can sign up at any time (not just during set semesters), and that there are multiple time slots and locations from which to choose each week. And, it's a great meeting place for the moms and other caregivers, too."
- Laurie Kaiden, Tenafly, NJ

"FUN, FUN, FUN that's what comes to mind when I think of Kid'z Musik. My sons, Sal 4 1/2 and Danny 1, enjoy going to music class each week. Sal & Danny both started when they were 6 months. Mr. Joe and Ms. Carmen always make each child feel special by greeting them with a warm smile and knowing each of their names. The music and songs played keep the children involved the whole time. They get to play with instruments from different countries and dance along with the music. I love watching my sons' faces light up with joy as they follow the beat with pride. Sal & Danny's first birthday parties were a great success thanks to Mr. Joe & Ms. Carmen. Keep up the fabulous job; the kids love you!"
Joanne Peragine, Palisades Park, NJ

"My kids have enjoyed going to Mr. Joe's Music for the past 3 years. Every class is new and exciting with different instruments and costumes each week. My kids can't pick up a banana without singing their famous Mama Paquita song. Mr. Joe and Carmen are amazing how they engage the kids and make sure that each is having a fantastic time."
- Alyson Small (Benjamin 3yrs, Eliana 21 months, Reuben 3 months) Englewood, NJ

"I love Kid'z Musik! Keshi loves Kid'z Musik! It s so much fun because Carmen and Joe engage the children so well. Every song is matched with a themed instrument or toy or hat, etc. It s just so creative. As each song is prepared, the children get so excited, waiting to see what the surprise prop will be! The children get to express themselves by dancing, moving, and playing. . . it s such a creative and encouraging environment. My child was lived in an orphanage for the first year of her life before we adopted her. One of the first things we noticed about her was that she was interested in music. Kid'z Musik has been such a wonderful experience, , , and a way for her to discover herself through music. Thank you Carmen and Joe!"
- Annie Mayer, Fort Lee, NJ

"Mr. Joe's music with Carmen has been a wonderful experience for my 2 year-old daughter and me. We love to dance and sing in class. The instruments the children play with are multi-cultural, unique, and fun. The costumes the kids can wear are adorable. The manipulatives are thoughtful. We recommend this class to all families."
- Mia S. Howard MS Ed., MA, MSW candidate, & MAMMA Hackensack, NJ

"A unique musical experience with props and instruments from around the world. An interactive exciting way to introduce music to kids in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere."
- Paula Mayers (mother of Jonah 4 1/2 years old and Devyn 2 1/2 years old) Fort Lee, NJ

"Many thanks to Mr. Joe and Miss Carmen for providing our area with a music program where children are invited each week to express themselves musically in a safe, warm and creative environment. Classes are age appropriate and fun. Children are free to play with instruments from around the world, manipulate props and dress-up in costumes used to enhance their learning experience. My daughter has attended Kid'z Musik for over a year and truly loves each class thanks to the kindness and care shown to her by her teachers."
- Katie Lemkan, Wyckoff, NJ

"Enthusiatic, energetic and educational hands on fun. In my ten years of teaching, never have I seen such an engaging music and movement program. The class incorporates dramatic play, costumes, multicultural instruments, singing with props and dancing to the beat. Every child should have the privelege of experiencing Kid'z Music. I know our school will never be without this program."
- Ms. Sari McGovern, Owner/Director/Teacher, THE KIDDIE GARDEN