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Kid'z Musik "YOU ARE # 1"
You Are #1   Cost: $8.00
Traditional & original tunes that span the globe! Two CD set includes a sing-a-long CD and bonus interactive activity disk!
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Banana Shaker
Banana Shaker   Cost: $7.00
What a fruitful experience! You can shake it up with this great musical fruit.
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Clatter Pillar from Israel
Clatter Pillar from Israel!   Cost: $14.00
The Clatter Pillar makes an amazingly clickity-clack sound that can change as you play, from a gentle ripple to a clattering crescendo!
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Echo Microphone   Cost: $3.00
No batteries needed for these fun plastic microphones! Sing in your own band or host a game show with these 9" microphones that magically amplify your voice.
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Shake it up baby... Maracas!   Cost: $3.00
Fiesta favorite! Add to the salsa beat at your party with our genuine hand painted Mexican Gourd. Maracas.
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Plastic Castanets
Plastic Castanets   Cost: $3.00
Make music fun with castanets!
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