Online Classes

Email for registration info. 

French Club for ages 7- 13 yrs  (Mondays)
-learn and practice spoken French through fun lessons, games, and activities  
-learn useful phrases, pronunciation, and common vocabulary
-class can be an intro to French OR supplement to French language education  

Writers' Workshop for ages 8- 12 yrs (Tuesdays)
-kids will use their distinctive imaginations and knowledge to write during every class
-fiction & nonfiction projects (ex. creative stories, movie scenes, write a new law, etc.)
-each class will be tailored to the students’ individual ages and abilities
-classes take place on Zoom and Google Docs simultaneously

Persuasive Speech and Debate for ages 9.5- 13 yrs (Thursdays)
Teacher: Miss Momo
-high spirited class
-deliver persuasive presentations and participate in formal class-wide debates on a variety of topics
-learn to think on your feet, become more confident and convincing speakers, and back up arguments with proof and supporting details


Usually on our Zoom schedule, but not this semester:

Public Speaking I for ages 5.5- 8 yrs
-develop kids' confidence with speaking in front of a group
-present before a group, listen effectively, positive body language, vocal projection, managing nerves
-games and activities that make public speaking fun
-final presentations on the last day of class

Word Worms for ages 9.5- 13 yrs 
-tips and tricks for finding the meaning of vocabulary in context, understanding word roots, decoding prefixes and suffixes, and more
-familiarize yourself with common prefixes/suffixes (ex. pre-, dis-, -able) and construct/ deconstruct words
-reinforce vocabulary and spelling skills


No classes listed at this time.