About Us

As a father of two small children, Mr. Joe found himself searching for means of child development through music. Taking his true passion for music and his love of children, he went on to get licensed in the best accredited early childhood music programs for children around: Kindermusik and Musikgarten. In conjunction with his multi-talented wife Carmen, they created Kidzmusik. This truly unique program for children connects the power and magic of music, rhythm, and movement with the wonder of a child's imagination. Mr. Joe offers the best parts of his knowledge from an extraordinary life of music. Carmen combines her dance and acting background with an abundance of ideas for themes, props, and costume creation. Mr. Joe writes the music; Carmen writes the lyrics.  Together they are the quintessential team complementing each other every step of the way. Carmen and Mr. Joe have enjoyed every mile of their journey through music, dance, poetry, and drama. They work relentlessly for the sake of children, creating new activities while always improving the long-standing ones in order to make this quality program educational and always filled with fun.