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About 20 years ago, as a father of two small children, Mr. Joe found himself searching for a means of child development through music. Taking his true passion for music and love for children he went on to get licensed in the best accredited early childhood music programs for children around. Kindermusik and Musikgarten. In conjunction with his multi talented wife Carmen they created Kidzmusik. This truly unique program for children connects the power and magic of music, rhythm, and movement with the wonder of the child's imagination. Mr. Joe offers the best parts of his knowledge from an extraordinary life of music. Carmen combines her dance and acting background with an abundance of ideas for themes, props, and costume creation. Mr. Joe writes the music. Carmen writes the Together they are the quintessential team complementing each other every step of the way. Carmen and Mr. Joe have enjoyed every mile of their journey through music,dance, poetry, and drama. They work relentlessly for the sake of the children creating new activities, while always improving the long-standing ones in order to make this quality program educational and always filled with fun.


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Kid'z Musik You Are #1

This CD is phenomenal! It is truly something special that is immensely enjoyable for children and parents, alike. I was impressed by the extraordinary amount of sounds, instruments, and music styles! Also, the activity cd is great for children to follow along even when parents cannot play with them! SUPERIOR rating in all possible categories!

Dr. Rivero


Oh to be 3 years old again!!

This is a wonderful child-centered collection of music. I'm tired of CDs that are purportedly produced for children, but in reality are aimed to the often trendy, alt-rock tastes of the parents. The songs in this collection remind me of my nursery school days (a long time ago!) when we would march around the room, playing rhythm games, pretending we were different animals, and in general, just have a silly, fun time. The songs are very interactive, and one of the best parts of this is the 2 CD format - One of the CDs just has the songs played by themselves; the other one includes the songs plus instructions on activities (clapping, stomping, banging, etc) that can accompany the songs. You can choose to listen to the "instructional" CD if you want, or just listen to the tunes by themselves - a boon to parental sanity! 

The instrumentation and vocals are lovely. I can see this keeping a pre-school age child occupied for hours. It would also make a good addition to the music library of any nursery school looking to add to their collection.

Dr. Nancy Dougherty


Kid'z Musik

This is an amazing CD by a very talented couple who love children to the highest degrees. It shows their love of music and kids in this exciting album. Good work!! Congratulations. Well done!! We are thoroughly enjoying it!!

Carolee Roenicke



My son immediately fell in love with the Kid’z Musik CD, and we continue to play it over and over again -- he simply can't get enough. The best part is that the songs help bring us together for family fun, and unlike most children's CDs, my husband and I actually enjoy the music ourselves. The tunes are catchy and we find ourselves singing along with our son. The two CDs are structured so that you can participate in a virtual, dynamic music class, or make your own musical fun. We have had hours of enjoyment watching our son sing, play-- and learn-- along with this brilliantly composed, kid-friendly music. I think these CDs are a must for any family that wants to be delighted by the magic of music!

Jill Thistle


Kidz Musik You are #1

Mr. Joe & Carmen are simply an amazing duo. My 3 year old daughter, Kaitlyn, was so lucky to be able to attend Mr. Joe and Ms. Carmen's live music classes in North New Jersey. Their musical CD is a true reflection of their talent and their understanding of young children. Their music incorporates different instruments and styles of music, which makes it so unique from other kid CDS. It is an important and wonderful experience for kids at such a young age to be exposed to this variety of music, rather than just being limited to our culture's traditional "baby" or "toddler" music. By exposing our kids to Mr. Joe and Carmen's variety of music, they can learn at an early age to appreciate different types of music and different cultures. The tunes on this CD are quite catchy, so as an adult, you will find yourself singing along as well. We are moving and unfortunately Kaitlyn will no longer be able to attend the music classes; however we are so grateful for the CD so that we can listen to Mr. Joe & Carmen in our car and at home. If you live in North New Jersey, and have babies or toddlers, you should grant your children the wonderful opportunity to attend their classes. It truly would be an enriching and unforgettable experience for them and for you as the caregiver to see your children's enjoyment.

Connie Tso


The following schools have included our program in their curriculum:

  • JCC of Fort Lee
  • Peek-a-Boo of Lyndhurst
  • Yaldenu of Teaneck
  • Angel Pre-School Academy of Palisades Park
  • Apple Tree Leaning Center Wyckoff
  • East Hanover Child Care Center
  • Palisade Country Day of Closter
  • Lilly Pond Country Day of Rivervale
  • Montessori school of Morristown
  • Merry Go Round of Teaneck
  • Fort Lee Youth Center
  • The Galaxy of Guttenberg
  • Palisade Pre-School of Fort Lee
  • Fort Lee Recreation Center
  • Ridgefield Recreation Center
  • Apple Tree School II of Paterson
  • Asunaro Kokusai Gakuen of Closter
  • Kiddie Garden of Fairlawn
  • Boys & Girls Club of Hawthorne
  • Growing Years School of Wayne
  • Les Enfant School of Palisades Park
  • Somebody's Childish of Fort Lee
  • Medco Child Development Center of Franklin Lakes
  • Turrell Child Development Center of Paramus