Fort Lee Rec Center

We offer classes at the Fort Lee Rec Center (1500 8th St. Fort Lee, NJ) every Fall, Winter, and Spring! Please find our program descriptions below.
Registration is first OPEN to Fort Lee Residents, and WILL open to NON- RESIDENTS.

You can register at the Fort Lee Rec Center in person. They take all registrations directly.

KIDZMUSIK "Parent & Me" Music Classes
Fridays: 9:15- 9:55 AM
Ages: 6 months - 4.5 years

Children and adults alike will enjoy taking a musical journey with us into melody, harmony, and rhythm, where fun and enrichment are the ultimate goals! Your little ones will play with age- appropriate musical instruments, dress in colorful costumes, and learn about dynamics, tempo, pitch and more. Kids will also dance and sing along with our favorite characters like Elmo, Dora the Explorer, and Mickey Mouse! Join us for fun and education in this all-inclusive musical adventure!


KIDZ GYMNASTICS "Parent & Me" Program
Wednesdays: 9:00 – 9:40 AM
Ages: 2 - 4 1⁄2 years
Fee: $125 for 8 weeks

This “parent” and me gymnastics and dance class will introduce little ones to the foundations of gymnastic, tumbling, and creative movement at an age-appropriate level. Every week, with the help of instructors and a caregiver, children will improve their motor skills, stretch, and balance on real gymnastics equipment including soft mats, balance beams, a mini-trampoline, a horizontal bar, stepping stones, and more. Children will move around to stimulating music, developing their strength, flexibility, and balance while having fun.

Fridays: 5- 5:45 PM
Ages: 5.5- 8.5 years
Fee: $120.00 for 8 weeks 

In this popular class, Miss Momo will introduce kids to the art of public speaking at an age- appropriate level, increasing their confidence and comfort with speaking in front of a group. Students will learn to express their ideas, present before a group, and listen effectively. They will also learn positive body language, vocal projection, and how to manage nerves. They will play games that make public speaking fun and will deliver prepared and “pop” presentations. There will be final presentations on the last day of class, which parents are invited to attend. 

Friday: 3:30 – 4:15 PM
Ages: 9.5- 13 years
Fee: $120.00 for 8 weeks

In this high-spirited class with Miss Momo, kids will develop their skills of persuasion! Students will participate in class-wide debates on a variety of topics and learn to persuade others. They will also learn techniques to help them become more confident and back up their arguments with proof and supporting details. New debate topics every semester.

Fridays: 4:15- 5:00 PM
Ages: 6- 8 years
Fee: $120.00 for 8 weeks

 In this class, children will practice writing through fun and unique projects like riddles, imaginative stories, photo prompts, and poems. Miss Momo, an instructor with The School of the New York Times, will guide students as they maneuver their way through parts of speech, complete sentences, story structure, and more! Each class will be tailored to the students' individual ages and abilities. New projects every semester.

Monday: 5:50 – 6:35 PM
Ages: 8.5- 12.5 years
Fee: $120.00 for 8 weeks

This creative writing class with Miss Momo, an instructor with The School of the New York Times, will prove to be an asset for children as they build their writing skills in a fun and exciting way! Students will use their distinctive imaginations and knowledge to write during every class (ex. creative stories, movie scenes, opinion pieces, etc.). Each class will be tailored to the students' individual grade levels and abilities. By the end of the program, kids will have a portfolio of their final edited compositions. New projects every semester.

Mondays: 5- 5:45 PM
Ages: 5.5- 9 years
Fee: $120.00 for 8 weeks

This class is for children who love singing and performing. Students will be coached on stage presence, vocal projection, and more. They will sing and move to Pop and Disney songs and get the chance to “solo” if they wish. We will also incorporate easy to follow dance moves that coordinate with the lyrics with age-appropriate songs. There will be a mini performance at the end of the semester.

Mondays: 4:20- 5:05 PM
Ages: 6- 11 years
Fee: $120.00 for 8 weeks

In this fun class with Miss Alexis, kids will act, play drama games, explore their imaginations, and much more. Kids will improvise, role play, and even craft their own short play! Students will have the opportunity to act individually and in pairs or groups, to navigate what it means to have the spotlight to themselves, as well as how to share it. There will be a final performance at the end of the semester.

Mondays: 3:30 – 4:15 PM
Ages: 6–12years
Fee: $120.00 for 8 weeks

Zumba is a fun and easy way for kids to incorporate fitness into their routines. With a fusion of Latin-inspired beats and aerobic dance, kids will learn choreography and get a cardio workout through easy-to-learn moves. This class offers the opportunity for kids to move to upbeat age-appropriate music and feel good about themselves, while experiencing exercise in a fun, social way.

Fridays: 5:45 – 6:30 PM
Ages: 7 – 10 1⁄2 years
Fee: $230.00 for 7 weeks includes a guitar and case OR $130 for 7 weeks if you have your own guitar  

Guitar is great for kids who want to play a fun instrument that allows them to play solo, in a group, or even accompany themselves while singing. Let Miss Momo introduce your child to guitar instruction. Your young musician will learn strumming and picking methods, simple chords, and exciting rhythms as well as a short song or two. **Note: This small class is limited to 7 children.