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Kidzmusik Online Classes are LIVE on Zoom!

This week's schedule of 30 minute classes:

Mon 5/25 @ 10:45am

Tues 5/26 @ 10am

Wed 5/27 @ 10:45am

Thurs 5/28 @ 10am

Fri 5/29 @ 10:45am

 Book one class for $12/ child or 2+ classes for $10/ child.  Email us to register at !

Welcome to the Kid'z Musik Website!

We invite you to join us in our live Musical Journey into Melody Harmony Rhythm WHERE Fun & Enrichment are our Goals WHILE utilizing Authentic Instruments & Dance, Bathing in Poetry & Drama WITH Musical Games, Singing & Laughing with Puppets WHEN Dressing up with colorful Costumes at KIDZ MUSIK WITH MR. JOE! {Cameras Welcome}

You can join anytime! Trial classes every week.
Lots of FREE parking.

Kid'z Musik Tip of the Day

Music is a Language

Listening comes Before Speaking. Listen to the Best Music from Day 1 with your child. Listen to Music  that was written by Recognized Geniuses.

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